Monday, February 1, 2010

Greg Hawkes "Niagara Falls" LP 1983

Greg Hawkes "Niagara Falls" LP 1983

In '83 keyboardist of The Cars; Greg Hawkes decided to embark on a solo career, and I am so glad he did. This album he released in 1983 is what I could call a "synth masterpiece." The two highlights from this album are "Twenty-Seven Shirts" and "Jet Lag" while the rest of the album still makes for a good listen the whole way through, I have decided those are my two favorite songs on the album.

There was also a music video for "Twenty-Seven Shirts" which can be viewed here on youtube that was kindly uploaded by the user 45rpm80s (Thanks!)

After releasing this one album, Greg Hawkes still played keys for The Cars through their later career. In recent years Greg released an all ukulele album that featured Beatles cover songs.
You can order the CD here:

It is also available on iTunes

He also was touring with The "New" Cars and Flo & Eddie of The Turtles too. Greg Hawkes is a fantastic keyboardist and deserves more musical credit in my opinion. With high hopes we can hopefully see Niagara Falls released on CD soon! I am going to share 2 songs from the album with all of you, "Twenty-Seven Shirts" and "Jet Lag."

Twenty-Seven Shirts

Jet Lag



  1. i'm really enjoying your posts so far - great stuff. I love the obscure early 80's vinyl rips. I've favorited your site and will keep coming back for sure.

  2. gracias amigo exelente disco the best

  3. Such a shame you stopped after three posts! This was clearly destined to be one of those rare things, an original blog!

    Found out about the Greg Hawkes album via the 'Bee System' track which appeared on the bootleg 12 Inch 'Cosmic Club Seven' and I was blown away by how fresh it sounded so hearing another two tracks was a real pleasure and now I have heard three songs from it I would definitely agree with you, a "synth masterpiece" indeed!

    Let me know if you ever start posting again!